Frequently Asked Questions: Cigarettes or other Tobacco Products

Get answers to frequently asked questions regarding cigarettes and other tobacco products below:

How old do you have to be to sell cigarettes?
There is no minimum age requirement to sell cigarettes.
Do you have to have a license to sell cigarettes?
At this time the state of Missouri does not require a license to sell cigarettes or other tobacco products. However, retailers must register with the Department of Revenue if they intend to sell cigarettes and/or tobacco products.
Do I have to buy my cigarettes from a wholesaler?
No, but the retailer should make sure the excise taxes are paid on the cigarettes by looking for the tax stamp on the bottom of the cigarette pack.
Do my cigarettes have to be behind a counter?
Yes, since the new FDA requirements that began on June 22, 2010. The state of Missouri requires that the retailers be compliant with the FDA regulations. See the FDA Web site.
Where can I get tobacco training?
Tobacco Merchant Training can be obtained by contacting Tobacco Program Manager Vanessa Mure (573) 751-5448) or training can be obtained by contacting the Missouri Department of Mental Health, the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse at 1-800-575-7480 or at or the We Card Program. You can also go to the FDA Web site.